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There is no real way to prepare

For a supernatural adventure like this

The dark, unknown lies waiting &

Mysterious fate will undoubtedly twist

The exhale inevitably happens

There is no way to keep it at bay

Shadowed destiny befalls us - all

…and it will most assuredly get its way


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Modern meets fantasy

Gripping suspense

Ultimate good versus darkest evil

One Breath...Two Incredible Fates

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What the fans are saying...

...keeps getting better!  Unique: modern meets fantasy, suspenseful...romance, & comedy. Can't wait to find out what happens next! 

-L. Snider


Gripping storyline, foundational character build was unexpectedly stellar for new author, and ending suspense makes me crave more...this author actually delivers. Ember Fantasy Series has bestselling potential, a must read!

-Thomas Wain

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Venture into the dark unknown...

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"You can feel the chill looming on the dark unknown horizon

But there's still no way to prepare...for something like this..."

-C. K. Mullinax-

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